Summer Days

During the rest of the summer, Gronk decided discretion was the better part of valour and stayed away from Steve Nobody. Groate also kept his distance from Gronk, which was no real loss as far as Gronk was concerned. But Fathead and his band of Posheys also made themselves scarce. That was an issue as Gronk had spent years toadying up to them. A gloom engulfed his mind. He felt isolated and spent those warm days trying to get back in with them. Gronk invested his time in building bridges with the Posheys.

The incident with Steve Nobody marked a break in hostilities. Gronk focused on elocution and listened to classical music. He met up with Groate a few times, who was frosty as first but soon lightened up. They found out where Fathead and the rest would meet up and ensured they were there too. Gronk was relieved they were all still on speaking terms. He was on track to being accepted as a Poshey again. Steve spent his time meeting up with the good friends he made during Sixth Form. When he discussed the altercation with Groate, they all laughed out loud. The consensus was Groate deserved everything he got. It was just a shame Steve did not set upon Gronk as well. Summertime meandered toward the inevitable exam results.

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