Steve noticed his bag had been tampered with. A quick check inside and he saw the computer was gone. He felt like he could not breathe. Horrified, he looked in every pocket, but it was no good. Steve told his friends and they searched around the lockers and the classroom where Steve had used it last. He considered reporting the theft, but it would achieve nothing. Whoever did this would never give it back. Suspecting Gronk was behind it, he walked home. But he had no proof it was Gronk. The vendetta alone was not evidence enough. There was nothing Steve could do. He felt helpless.

Back in his bedroom, Steve considered his predicament. All his subject notes were on that computer and he had not backed it up. It was a disaster. And the final exams were only three months away. If he messed those exams up, he would never even have the chance to go to University. But panic would only make things worse. With a hollow feeling inside, he took a deep breath. This situation would not overwhelm him. Steadying his nerves, Steve thought. He could not afford another computer and there was no point in telling his parents. It could make a bad situation worse.

He had already been revising for three months and so had a pretty good idea of his course notes. Steve had close to a photographic memory. He closed his eyes and could see all the notes. It was like he was flicking through the pages in his head. He used mnemonics and colours to his notes as a memory aid. Steve walked over to a cupboard and took out some hardback note books. Sitting down at his desk, he wrote ‘Law’ on one cover and ‘History’ on another. He would just have to do the Art exams off the cuff.

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