Gronk watched Groate casually stroll away and then he stopped. Looking both ways, Groate smashed some glass and set the fire alarm off. The bells rang out and pandemonium broke out. Doors flung open and crowds of students pushed and jostled out of classrooms to the nearest exit. The noise was deafening with the fire alarm, stamping feet, talking and teachers shouting. But Gronk loitered near the lockers and waited. As a few stragglers went outside, he made his move.

Entering the History classroom, he looked around. There were bags under desks, on desks and by the wall at the back. He systematically worked his way around the classroom looking for Steve Nobody’s backpack. Beginning at the back of the class, he moved by all the bags. It was not along the back wall, so he walked forward, between the rows of desks. There were bags of all descriptions, but not the one he was looking for. Not even in the front row. Nothing. He looked behind the teacher’s desk. Not there either. Then he heard some movement in the corridor. A teacher peered around the doorway.

“What are you doing in here Guido?”

Gronk shuddered. That name disgusted him.

“Err, no… nothing Sir, I was just leaving.”

“Well hurry up then! Everyone is supposed to be outside while we check the College.”

“Yes Sir! On my way Sir!”

Gronk left the classroom and exited the College through the back door. There were crowds of people out there. He scanned around for Groate or Fathead to hang around with, but he could not see any of them. Then he spotted the History students. They milled about in one big group. Scanning across the faces, he could not see Steve Nobody. But wait. No. There he was. Gronk saw the side of his head. Moving across, he got a good look and the backpack was slung over his shoulder. He shot a hateful glare at his enemy. Why did the dolt have to take his bag outside? Gronk fumed. I’ll have to think of something else now. But I will get at that bag and whatever’s inside it. Bored with the commotion, Gronk decided to skip College altogether and wandered home.

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