Gronk sighed. He needed a ruse to distract Steve Nobody. Something had to be done. Something out of the ordinary. Something extra special. And then a sly idea entered his brain. It was fool-proof and guaranteed to cause a stir in College. He knew later in the afternoon, Steve had a History lesson in a room opposite the locker area and close to a door to the rear of the College. It was going to be perfect. He sought out Groate and whispered his scheme. His friend nodded enthusiastically. And now all they had to do was wait. Gronk attempted to speak to Fathead, but got ignored. He saw that girl gossiping as she walked by and managed to make her giggle with a squirmy smile. The afternoon drifted by.

Gronk was in the corridor as a bell sounded for the next study period. He was supposed to be in a class somewhere, but Gronk was not sure which subject and had no idea where it was. In the corridor, he leant against a wall and put a hand on his hip. Gronk elevated his nose and curled the edges of his mouth downwards. It was a classic Poshey expression, and he had it down to a tee. Steve Nobody wandered past and entered the classroom doorway. So predictable, Gronk thought. Allowing a brief smile, he mentally congratulated himself for knowing his enemy’s movements. Other people went into the classroom and, soon enough, the teacher clicked the door shut. The corridors quietened down as most students were in lessons. Not so for Gronk. He had better things to do with his time. Gronk glanced down the hallway and nodded to Groate. It was time.

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