Rubbing Shoulders

An added twist to Sixth Form life was there were a lot of girls there. Gronk had his eye on one particular female called Munterla Twonk. She had limp brown hair and was heavily built. He liked that and kept his eye on her. One day, she would be his girl. Until then, he watched her from a distance. She looked over occasionally and Gronk made sure he stayed in profile with his nose elevated at a superior angle. Often she would walk past and whisper in a gruff tone to her friends. Gronk made a point of making eye contact and did one of his best smiles, which made him look like he had shat himself. Her brawny features giggled back. It was only a matter of time before they would hook up.

Sometimes, Gronk would spot Steve Nobody around college. The long-lived hatred between their families only just remained beneath the surface, but Gronk had more immediate things to think about. Like his own rising status. He walked as if he owned the College corridors and edged ever closer to being accepted as a Poshey. It would not be long before he would take his place amongst the elite, rubbing shoulders with the pinnacle of English class hierarchy. Posh prejudice was there for the taking and then he could legitimately look down his nose at Outsiders.

And Gronk knew he would achieve all this while Steve Nobody remained on the margins of local society. His enemy tried to keep his head down to avoid attracting any negative attention, just like all the other commoners. But Gronk knew Steve Nobody would not be able to hide from the inevitable conflict forever. He would have something special in store for that Nobody. Although Gronk had not quite worked out what it was yet, he knew it would be amusing. And he would hit Steve Nobody hard, just as soon as a vicious plot came to mind.

Gronk nurtured a virulent, pathological hatred of Steve Nobody. He needed to stoke up the animosity. Through the packed lunch hall at college, Gronk clocked Steve who was laughing with some friends.

That idiot seems to be having a good time. Gronk’s cheeks tinted with hatred. How dare he enjoy himself? The little prick needs to be brought down a peg or two.

There must be some way of getting at his enemy. Gronk looked at the backpack by Steve Nobody’s feet. He figured there must be something in it which would help build the tension. Gronk smiled. He had hatched a scheme and it would be perfect.

Gronk tapped his temple. “Lucky I’ve an unscrupulous mind,” he told himself. “Now, unto the breach… after all, I am the lineal descendant of a war hero. It’s time to cause some harm!”

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