High Hopes

Gronk was not interested in his studies so he invested his time in posturing and posing. He stood tall in his smart clothes and considered himself well-to-do with a gritty edge. Mimicking toffish bluster, he tried to speak with the cut-glass accent of real Posheys. Even as a teenager, he was intent on ascending to something better, despite social mobility being frowned upon in the Snook. He wanted to be as narcissistic as the Posheys. His manufactured image carried the reward of sometimes allowing him into Poshey conversations. The impending uplift in status would stand him in much better stead compared to the idiots who actually studied. He viewed swotting with contempt and anyone who thought reading books was a way of bettering themselves was a fool in his considered opinion. Rather than going to boring lessons, he regaled loud stories about himself within earshot of Posheys in an attempt to garner favour.

In between dreaming up fictional snippets to make his life sound more interesting, Gronk listened into Poshey conversations. Most expected to go up to the University of Snookford and round off their education in ultra-privileged surroundings. It was a centre of exclusiveness with guaranteed entry for the super elite. These extreme Posheys did not need high exam grades because unconditional offers were handed out as a nod to their superlative background.

This expectation was transferred to Gronk by a sycophantic osmosis so he too thought it was his right to go to the best University in the country. Without the need to put effort into his studies, Gronk grew a sense of entitlement commensurate to those who expected an unconditional offer. In any event, he thought the exams would be easy, given his huge intellect. Posheys may well have the connections which allowed them into the University of Snookford as a birthright, but Gronk relied on his resourcefulness. If he wanted something in life, Gronk would stop at nothing to get it.

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