Gronk spent his time hanging around with Groate. They were still only on the fringe of Fathead’s band of Posheys, despite it being clear Gronk had gone to a lot of effort on the image front. His style included black boots, black corduroy trousers and the desirable oobaTWAT™ black trench coat. And it was all rounded off with a pink shirt. To enhance his standing, he turned up the collar of his shirt, just like the Posheys did. Gronk was impressed with his look.

While others were preoccupied with status, Snookington Sixth Form College was like a breath of fresh air to the Outsider students. There were no prefects, no houses and no snobby curriculum. It was a freedom never before experienced, despite the College being a social microcosm of the Snook. Posheys strutted about and Gossips spread rumours, while Outsiders took their place at the bottom of the pile. But students were entitled to choose their courses and all had same opportunity to do well. Some Outsider students did not care and looked upon the next two years as a waste of time. But others wanted to prove they could do better than even the Posheys. Outsiders were still derided in the upper social circle but, academically, they were at least given a chance to do as well as they were able.

Steve Nobody did not want to fall into a low paid manual job like most Outsiders in the Snook. He had no clue what he would like to do as a job or even if he wanted to go to University, but he intended to pass his exams and at least give himself a choice. Steve got stuck into his studies and rarely missed a lesson. His notes were concise and he spent time in the library reading up on his subjects. Getting into a routine, he spent all day at College and two or three nights a week doing further study. He worked at a sustainable pace with an eye on stepping up to a relentless rate of study before his final exams. But, for now, he left enough time to socialise and have a laugh with the new friends he had made.

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