“What did you do?” Gronk asked.

Groate held an index finger to his mouth and pulled out a coat from under his own jacket.

“Blimey!” Gronk exclaimed.

It was the oobaTWAT™ trench coat. Groate had stolen it and looked extremely pleased with himself. He handed it to an astonished Gronk. It was shiny, black and the leather so smooth. The iconic label was prominently on one shoulder. It was distinctive and sought after. The coat was an essential addition to the discerning wardrobe. If only it could be his.

“Go on…” Groate said, “try it on… it’s yours now I’ve relieved it from the possession of that shop.”

Gronk smiled and slipped it on. It felt perfect. Better still, it was illicit. He liked the new look even more now. He looked cool. He felt great. And he was untamed. Only minutes before, all this was out of his reach and now it was his. All his. Groate was a good friend. Gronk looked furtive and took it off. Stashing it into a bag, he decided to hide his new wardrobe addition for the rest of the summer. But it would be unveiled when he joined Snookington Sixth Form College after the summer holidays. And then he would look marvellous in his new attire. The black trench coat would complement his back corduroy trousers. He dreamed of momentous times, but wearing this outfit on the first day of College would top the lot. One day, Gronk knew he would become an urban legend. The rest of the summer drifted by as he dreamed of his impending greatness.

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