The days of Snookington School were finished for these boys. During the summer break, Gronk was in a quandary. Fathead and his band of Posheys had kept their distance, which annoyed him. But Groate had become a close acquaintance, although he too was not actually accepted as a Poshey. Gronk’s dilemma centred on his image. Until now, his days were spent cloaked in his cherished Snookington School uniform. The blue blazer adorned with a red badge of Bosworth spoke volumes about his existence. He had been in the best school and proud of his house. It meant he was on the cusp of becoming a Poshey, despite his modest background. Without that beloved blazer, he would be lost. A new stand-out style was needed and he had an idea what it should be.

As a storm brewed overhead, Gronk met Groate and walked to the local shops. It was a serious stroll as the two tried to project a demeanour of superiority. They discussed weighty matters such as image and status. The boys came upon a department store and stood at the large windows. Gronk stared admiringly at some coats. They were all the coveted oobaTWAT™ brand, but one in particular caught his eye. The long black leather trench coat would suit him down to the ground. He smirked and strolled inside. Trying it on, he received an approving nod from Groate and just knew he had to have that coat. Taking it off, he ran a finger over the brand label and looked at the price tag. His heart sank. It was far too expensive. There was no way he could afford it.

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