The very next day, a faction from Dundiston School entered Snookington’s grounds to complain about the previous day. Four Dundiston lads met the headmaster just outside the main school building and remonstrated about Snookington starting the fight by shouting abuse. Two Snookington pupils looked at each other and grinned. They whispered, ducked down and shouted “Abuse!!!” The Snookington boys threw books and pens at the Dundiston contingent as they ran to the school gates and away.

Steve was in two minds about the rivalry between the schools. The main antagonists in Snookington were from Bosworth. Those boys hated Dundiston just as much as they detested Goodson. Although most of Goodson were Outsiders, it would not stop a Dundiston skinhead from assaulting a boy from Goodson. As far as the thuggish element from Dundiston were concerned, anyone wearing the blue blazer of Snookington was asking to be punched in the face. Even so, Steve had a lot of friends who went to Dundiston School. And he played football with them in the evenings when the weather was warmer. Steve tried to avoid the inter-school antagonism which ignited every now and then.

Animosity between Snookington and Dundiston Schools fuelled the internal hatred Bosworth had for Goodson. The institutional view of Snookington School was all Outsiders had to be kept down, especially the ones in Goodson. If any were doing well for themselves, they had to be put in their place. The whole ethos was designed to drag Outsiders down. Stagnation in the classroom was a first step to set Outsiders up for their expected lowly lives.

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