As the whistle peeped, Bosworth kicked off. Snow began to fall and it was far too cold for skilful play, but the two sides pushed for victory. As the game went on, boys from Dundiston School turned up. Only ten or twenty at first, but soon over a hundred stood with hands in pockets, glaring. They were not there to watch the football match. The Dundiston boys wore dirty clothes and many were skinheads. Angry shouts rang out. The three teachers huddled up in discussion, looking furtively about.

Steve elbowed a friend and nodded toward the teachers as the crowd became more vocal and aggressive. He edged toward the teachers and the pathway back to school grounds. All of a sudden, the teachers bolted in the direction of the school and the Dundiston lads invaded the pitch. Punches were thrown, but the Snookington boys were heavily outnumbered. Steve ran for the path and ducked under a swinging fist. He bolted off the pitch and sprinted downhill. Over the bridge, he and several others got through the school gate. He looked back and saw other Goodson and Bosworth boys being chased downhill. Not all of them made it as some were taken to the ground and given a beating. The gate was slammed shut and locked.

By now there were a couple of hundred Dundiston boys, who ran at their enemy, stopping just short of the metal gate. Some kicked the gate while others screamed and shouted. The Snookington schoolboys stalked back toward the gate and a snowball fight began. As snow flew back and forth, stones found their way into the snowballs. Then stones were thrown and eventually half-bricks covered with a dusting of snow. Casualties mounted on both sides and some were taken away for medical treatment.

Author: C.Stanford

Writer, blogger, outsider, survivor.

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