The leader of this group of Posheys was a stocky boy called Gerard DeVilliers. He liked to be the centre of attention and thought Outsiders were an affront to humanity. He loved his nickname of Fathead as it seemed to encapsulate his smart brutishness. In his crew were Harvey and Hugo who were best friends and, even for Posheys, had a reputation for pomposity. They were proud to be associated with Fathead. Completing this band of top snobbers were Snoops, who liked to talk about himself, and Snipes, who considered himself a magnificent young man. And they all despised Gronk. That said, Gronk was a Bosworth boy, so they listened to him sometimes, even if it was with knowing smirks.

Gronk was pleased Fathead and his merry band of Posheys talked to him sometimes. He was desperate to move up the social hierarchy and befriending this pre-eminent group was a good start. He wanted desperately to be their chum, but about the only thing they had in common was a loathing for anything Goodson. Fathead and his friends reluctantly agreed that even Gronk was better than the scum from Goodson. Using this affinity to his advantage, Gronk stayed on the sidelines and encouraged these Posheys to torment Steve Nobody. The posh boys shouted at Steve, calling him dopey and stupid. It made Gronk feel the closest to happiness he had ever been when he watched his Bosworth associates being nasty to his nemesis.

As far as Steve was concerned, insults from the Bosworth boys was nothing new. It hurt, but the same mental barrier he used at home helped to get through those moments. He saw Gronk whispering to some of the Posheys, who smiled and shouted abuse at Steve. It was obvious Gronk was instigating at least some of the hostility so Steve made a point of staring through the Posheys and straight at Gronk. The rivalry was building between the two boys and it thawed a dormant hatred. The loud invective coming from the Posheys was just background noise to the growing intensity of discord which had reared again between a Gronk and a Nobody.

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