It’s About The Light

On the other side of the village, Steve Nobody was in his bedroom listening to music. His homework was finished and bag packed. It was a strict school for Outsiders, so he had polished his boots ready for the inspection at assembly in the morning. Everything was in order, so he just chilled in his room. His parents were out at the pub, like most evenings. Steve liked it when his parents were elsewhere. It was only Steve and his elder brother in, and they did their own thing. Steve turned his head as an engine revved outside. It was his parents. Things had grown fractious of late and arguments were rife, so he stopped the music and flicked the light switch off. In the darkness, he got into bed and listened. The door opened and he could hear his parents stumble into the house. Footsteps hit the stairs. His light was switched back on as Steve’s mother stood in his room.

“Why did you switch your light off as soon as we came back?” Her voice was raised.

“I was going to bed.”

“Don’t use that tone with me!!”

“I switched the light off because I want to avoid the argument you’re always looking for.”

“There you go again!! Always trying to be a smart-arse. Y… you just listen to me. That attitude of yours will always get you into trouble. You switched that light off because you wanted to avoid your own parents. We demand respect from you!! We bloody well deserve to be appreciated given all we do for you.” A shadow appeared by her side. “You just remember to change your ways!!” She moved aside as Steve’s father walked into the room. The tension moved up a notch. Steve sat in his bed and looked up as his father cleared his throat.

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