Gronk jealously flicked through the glossy Snobbier-Than-Thou brochure and sighed. Irritated by a blanket exclusion from the course, he intended to make the best of his situation. Gronk permanently borrowed the Snobbier-Than-Thou textbook from the school library, observed the Poshey kids and repeated the vocal exercises in his bedroom. On a brighter note, Gronk was in Bosworth House, which was filled with Posheys, some Gossips and a smattering Outsiders with potential. He saw this as irrefutable evidence that a status uplift was within reach. He had the potential to become a Poshey so he would have to be patient. Bosworth House also gave Gronk the opportunity to openly sneer at Steve Nobody, who was in Goodson House with a horde of horrible Outsiders and the remainder of Gossips.

The children of Goodson House were set up to be unsuccessful from the outset. They were of deemed low ability and written off by the teachers. The Goodson Gossips had a lower propensity to be nasty than those in Bosworth. But they still talked about people behind their backs. To be labelled a Goodson Outsider meant a dearth in educational opportunity and little chance of a decent job in adult life. Almost all Goodson Outsiders succumbed to their disadvantaged start in life.

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