Bolstered by money and contacts from Lord Snookington, Ned left the Snook and trained in the city courtrooms. Although clearly of a lower class, he was received well on account of stories emanating from the Battle of Snookford. Ned learned about laws, court procedures and etiquette. It was a slow process, during which he returned to the Snook at regular intervals to inform Lord Snookington of his progress. In time, Ned became a lawyer and, with a natural sense of fair play, settled back into the Snook and applied local custom with conscience.

On a grey day in the Snook, a cold rain settled in. And a chance encounter cemented centuries of hostility to come. Two enemies stopped some distance apart on the High Street. Gobba Gronk glared with hatred and Ned Nobody stared straight back, too stubborn to calm the situation down. This feud would last forever. Gloom would consume future generations of Gronks. A pent-up anger simmered and seethed over the years until no one could remember why the Gronks were so twisted and bitter. This animosity between the Gronks and Nobodys would rise again. And, next time, the Gronks will do anything to win.

End of Book 1 – The Nobody Chronicles

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