As Lord Snookington rested up, he walked through the Snook and watched the poor workers with heads down and rich folk parading around the High Street. He thought about the lack of opportunity for peasants, even though some had shown themselves to be capable of great things. He did not think the award given to Ned Nobody fully repaid the debt he owed. After all, without the actions of one peasant, he would not be here and the battle may have been lost. Harry wanted to change things. As Ned returned to work on a farm, Harry summoned him to the manor house once more. Ned stood in an enormous room overlooking the walled garden, wondering why he was there. Lord Snookington paced around and then stood in front of Ned.

“You seem a smart sort. The type of man who can turn his hand to anything. I have need of a good, trustworthy lawyer. I could just hire one, but you never know what you’re getting. Some of these legal types are just out for themselves. No, I need loyalty. It is for this reason I am going to give you a chance. I appoint you to legal training.” Harry clicked his fingers at a butler. “Be a good man and make the arrangements.” He looked at Ned. “Now go and make me proud. When you qualify as a lawyer, I will be working with you.”

Lord Snookington also intended to ensure shirkers received no kudos from the battle in which some showed extraordinary bravery. Gobba Gronk went back to peasantry with the reputation of a coward. But Gobba felt he deserved respect and was convinced Ned had taken his rightful place and reward. He ought to be close to Lord Snookington and treated with respect. And honour. He should have received that medal. Later, in his small hut, Gobba crumpled his face and rubbed his hands together.

“Ned Nobody just got lucky, that’s all,” he muttered to himself.

And the more he repeated this, the more it became true for Gobba and his relations. It was all unfair. But he knew a Gronk would resoundingly beat a Nobody one day, even if it would not be him. The Gronks were made of sterner stuff. He was convinced they would get the better of the pathetic Nobodys in the end. Gobba was sure, at some point, a Gronk would herald true greatness.

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