During the night, as he tried to sleep at the edge of a clearing, Ned looked at the silver and blue pendant he had received. He thought about the troubled past which led him to this moment. He sighed at the thought of killing Big Nose and Kroll in combat. Ned had avenged the death of his family, but it would not bring them back. At least the long-lived anger was beginning to lessen. He had the blood of many Malaxian soldiers on his hands and his demons were being laid to rest. Krea was his one regret. There was no going back to her in Malaxian territory. He reflected as the fire crackled, its flames dancing in the light breeze.

They broke camp the next morning and continued the journey back to the Snook. Ned tried to keep to himself, but he seemed to have made many new friends. He was a peasant, but he had shown the nobility how to fight. He overheard Gobba Gronk bragging about his exploits on the battlefield, but just shrugged and kept on walking through familiar territory.

Two days later, a victorious Lord Snookington returned to the village with the remains of his battalion. The streets were lined with cheering villagers. Harry was triumphant as he waved a hand and flowers littered the air. His horse clopped past the church tower and he savoured the noise of the bells. He thought it was sound never to be heard again. Down a hill and veering to the left, he rode over a bridge and looked down at the moat waters. In the courtyard, his steed was taken to be cared for and Harry walked through the thick oak door. It clicked shut and he leant against the door. Tears ran down his face as he sobbed.

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