The king’s army cheered in the valley. Swords waved. War dogs growled. Some coughed up blood.  Many were sick. Others put their head in hands and wondered how they were still alive. Gobba scrambled from his hiding place and joined the celebrations. He smeared blood on his face and tore some clothing so he looked the part. Ned walked back to where he had last seen Lord Snookington. He sat in a pool of blood. Ned grabbed his arm and patted the nobleman’s back. A tear ran down Harry’s face as he was led back to his knights. They took Lord Snookington away to be cleaned up.

Victory was grasped from the cusp of defeat. As the army tended to wounds, the King organised a hunt. A few days later, a vast banquet was held. Fires spread over the open moorland and the smell of meat wafted over heathers. It was a joyous occasion and a few brave knights were decorated by the King. Lord Snookington received the highest battle honour awarded to nobility. With great pride, the King presented him with the red star medal of Bosworth. Lord Snookington’s legacy was sealed and he was carried away by his knights. The nobles applauded a brave knight. In time, the conflict would become known as the Battle of Snookford.

On the journey home, Lord Snookington and his men travelled for a whole week before they got back to the relative safety of a forest. The soldiers set up camp early one afternoon and hunted for a banquet of their own. Lord Snookington went for a thoughtful, solitary stroll amongst the trees. He decided to create a battle honour for the common man. Only those who proved themselves exceptional in the heat of battle would be awarded the blue star of Goodson. The men celebrated into the evening and Lord Snookington called Ned Nobody into a clearing as all the knights, archers and infantrymen looked on. Ned’s chainmail clinked as he knelt under the silvery moonlight. With head bowed, Ned received the first ever Goodson battle honour.

Lord Snookington leant in and smiled. “You seem to make a habit of saving me!” Standing upright, Harry announced in a loud voice. “This man’s unassuming nature masks a fearless determination!!!” Cheers echoed around the dark forest.

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