The order came for the King’s infantry to advance. Rough barks of war dogs pierced the morning air. Soon the battle raged in the valley. Swords clashed and it rained arrows. Ned cut Malaxians down with his sword, ever looking for their elite unit. The savagery struck fear into Gobba so he held back. At the forefront of the fighting, it was ferocious and blood flowed, but neither side yielded so knights on horseback entered the fray. Lord Snookington led his knights thundering downhill and stormed toward the Malaxians. The sound of battle was everywhere. Shouts. Screams. Grunts. Sobs. Thuds. A smell of death burnt nostrils. The former farm and mine workers from the Snook had never before witnessed such butchery.

Lord Snookington charged into the Malaxians, but it was crowded in the basin of the valley and his horse hit a wall of soldiers. He fell. Wincing in pain, he staggered to a kneeling position. Rising up, Harry Snookington was encircled by an enemy taking the advantage. Using his blade to fell two soldiers, Harry’s shield clattered on the ground. The Malaxian soldiers’ yells turned into a chant as Lord Snookington leant, hands on knees, and panted. Sweat dripped from his face. The King’s infantry weakened and fell around him. Out of the faint corner of an eye, Lord Snookington saw Gobba Gronk run and dive into a ditch. He sighed, knowing death was near. Harry’s armour was heavy and he felt light-headed. The noise of battle disappeared under his laboured breathing.

A Malaxian infantryman attacked from behind, but a shield deflected the crushing blow. Harry turned and saw the low-born Ned Nobody protecting his back. Memories from years before flooded back when a camouflaged boy saved him from a gang of bullies. Lord Snookington somehow found the strength to fight on as Ned roared and slayed the enemy. This was unheard of. Rich man and poor fighting as one. The sun glinted as swords swiped and stabbed.

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