Calm Rage

After the funeral, Ned was told to leave the lodge so he built a small wooden hut at the edge of the village. The orphan lived there with only his dog, Skar, as company. He was given a job as a labourer on a farm and worked hard in the fields during the warm months. During the cold, dark winters, Ned toiled down a chalk mine. It was not an easy life for one so young, but he had known worse. A lot worse. The boy was self-sufficient and had his own place to live. Of his few possessions, the most prized item was the wolf pelt, which was nailed to an inside wall of his hut. It was rickety place and not water-tight, but it was home. He earned his own food and fended for himself. The boy was treated as well as could be expected by the farmer and mine owner.

Ned Nobody kept to himself and had few friends. Some people did ask, but he never talked about his life in the forest nor his time as a Malaxian captive. He thought often about Krea and her father. He had a future there, but was forced to leave. Their lives were a world away now. As time drifted on, Ned kept his secret about what happened on that awful last day for his family. As the sole survivor of that Malaxian attack, he would never forgive. He tried to remain calm on the outside but an inner rage bubbled just beneath the surface. Each day he woke, there was work to be done and food to be earned. He accepted his now tame life, but the stubborn anger would say with him forever.

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