Ned stood over the dead soldier and saw his father still fighting off the other warriors. He could taste sick. Stumbling, he tried to move toward the fight, but fell to his knees. Pushing himself up, everything was spinning. He could hear swords clashing, but everything was blurred. With his vision blackening around the edges, he fell face down. Waking to a tugging at his sleeve, he saw Skar trying to pull him back. Ned closed his eyes and woke a brief moment later with the dog licking his face.

He managed to get on his hands and knees. With Skar jerking his arm Ned scrambled to the trapdoor. Opening it, he fell inside and Skar followed. It slammed shut and wind blew scattered leaves over the top. Ned heard a commotion further away, but it sounded hollow and his head slumped backwards. He slipped into unconsciousness as Skar hugged his chest. Oblivious to the fight, Ned’s breathing evened off. Boots moved around the clearing. The whites of Ska’s eyes looked upwards as she heard leaves crinkle under the boots of a warrior. A heavy man walked over the trapdoor.

Kroll’s voice boomed out. “Where’s the boy? Find him!! Search everywhere!”

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