Ned checked the map, which flapped in the wind. If he walked in an Easterly direction, he would circumvent the cliff face and then navigate across the pine-covered hills further down. He needed to keep away from the water so he was not in the open. Only when he was nearing the Southern end of the lake would he move inwards and toward the waterfall. Ned set off from the summit. The rocks were loose, so he slowed on the descent. Using his hands to steady himself, he headed for a scree-slope. Stepping and sliding down, he looked at the crags looming down. And then grasses intermingled with rocks, which led to some bushes. Before long, he had lost enough height to enter the pine forest.

As he walked further downhill, the ground levelled out and the wind subsided. Along the basin, a foothill rose ahead and Ned veered left, away from the lake. He ran uphill, silent as a ghost. The trees were sporadic at this point and the moonlit air was still. He ensured the higher ground was to his right and kept going. Dawn was still some time away. As he skirted the edge of the hill, Ned walked downwards. He advanced further into the forest and, as the ground levelled out, he stopped. Between the trees, he could just make out the glistening waters of the lake. His heart beat a bit faster as he continued toward the next hill. This one was more gentle and he traversed left again, three-quarters of the way up, Ned stopped to check the map. Soon he would make a beeline for the waterfall.

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