Post 81

Kroll gave fresh orders. Eight were to head back to the lake. On its Southernly shore was a waterfall and then the river struck toward the forests bordering the village closest to the boy’s home territory. It was where he expected Ned head for. Those soldiers were ordered to speed march and set up camp close to the waterfall. The surrounding woodland hills would make good observation areas. Kroll spread a map out on the ground and pointed to rocky outcrops where they would take up elevated positions to look for the boy. He led his other six men on Ned’s trail.

And so the detachment split into two. One patrol crowded around a map and a warrior looked toward the sun. He grunted orders and they moved out toward the lake. Soon they ran in single file at speed. There was no need to be covert, as the waterfall had to be theirs within a day. For most soldiers it was a two day march, but they were not most soldiers. Instead of traversing across the woodland hills, they marched in a straight line. Ascents and descents were the order of the day. They ran for hours between brief periods of rest. When darkness came, the men pushed on. Howls of the wild and owl hoots did not detract from their aim. In near-darkness, they came off a hill and saw the lake. Along the Western edge, they heard the rush of the waterfall and prepared camp. At first light, the observation posts would be designated and manned.

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