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The next hill was immediately beyond the tree line and it was steep. There was no time to lose, so he went straight up. It was about a fifty degree slope, and he used his arms as much as his legs to make progress. About halfway up, he stopped for a moment, panting for air. His chest heaved and sweat poured down his brow. There was nothing else for it. He sat and took out his water container. Putting it to his lips, he drained it. But he had spotted a feature on the map earlier, which spurred him on. He pushed onwards. His arms hurt from the climb and his thighs had pains shooting through. But all that mattered was getting away. The slope evened off further up and he walked to the top of the hill.

The summit was cloaked with mist, so he could not see far. Taking a moment to check the map, he ran downwards. This side was grassy and easier going. It was a gentle slope. And then he saw it. A stream flowed with clear waters. He ran all the way there and threw himself to its edge. Ned drank until he could drink no more. He knelt and splashed water on his face. He filled his water container and enjoyed the cold water on his hands and face. Sitting on its bank, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the cool breeze.

Standing, he walked through the stream and began to walk up another hill. This was bigger than the past few and it soon got windier. It was a long trudge and he kept going without rest. His whole body ached, but the water had done him good. At the top of this hill, the mist cleared and he could see the forest below. And it was not so far away. He rested and ate. The sun was setting behind him and shadows began to take the land. He stood and looked for the best way off the hill.  It was too steep to carry straight on so he skirted South until a safer way ahead opened up before him. Darkness enveloped the land as he walked downhill.

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