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Ned ran downhill. It took a lot of concentration as the gravel and slippery rocks underfoot were a hazard. He kept going until the land flattened out. It was boggy down there and he pushed on through the peat and water, trying to stand on protruding grasses to get traction on more solid ground. He jumped from one mound to another. And then the land began to rise and dry out.

 He walked up another hill, which was scattered with grass and stone. Further up, boulders settled on the land and Ned walked between them. The incline was too steep further up, so he traversed over to the right. When he scrambled up, a cliff face met him. His options were running out. He looked up and saw a hand hold, grabbed it and put his right foot on the stone. Straightening his leg, he stretched out with his left hand. Another hold. This was new to him, but his life depended on it.

He continued upwards, breathing slow to keep calm. The rock was cold on his hands. He negotiated his way upwards until grass grew between the stone. Holding on with his left hand. He reached out and felt a fist-sized rock just out of sight. Pulling himself up, the rock came away in his hand and fell past his face. Still hanging on by the other handhold, his legs slipped and dangled over the cliff. Ned looked down and saw the rock plummet and crash against the boulders below. Panicking, he swung his right hand up and grabbed some grass. He pulled himself up, found footholds and clambered clear of the cliff. He lay on his back, panting for breath. He broke into a smile and began laughing. The crags almost had him, but he was still there.

He stood and walked away from the cliff edge. The top was flat and he continued East. A cool wind blew into his face and he noticed trees to the North. He ate a biscuit on the go and allowed himself a few gulps of water. He should have ran over this terrain, but his legs were still wobbly from the climb so he continued a brisk walk. After about an hour, the land began to drop again. It was much rockier on this side and the decline more gentle. He made it to the bottom and through some trees.

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    1. Thanks, a lot of this based on experience – I’m not very good at rock climbing.

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