Post 48

On the way back to the farmhouse, Krea saw men, horses and carts lining up toward the edge of the swamp. Before she could get back inside, Krea spotted soldiers running through the wetlands. Moonlight shone on the waters and the splashes from their boots were clearly visible. As they hit dry land, the soldiers were a lot taller than the other men waiting in the cold, who stepped aside. The serious warriors marched in her direction and she put a hand to her mouth. Anyone caught outside would be taken away. She ran around the back of the nearest barn and hid in the tall grass. She heard boots stamping nearby.

“Find out who bought the boy last year,” Kroll growled. “He was sold at the market to a farmer. Bring the boy to me for execution!!”

Krea watched as the soldiers began to run toward the fortress gates. The moon’s glow shone on their backs. She had seen the big commander before and knew of his ruthless reputation. And now he was after Ned. She did not know why, but the killer had made his intentions clear. She waited until no one was near and ran back to Ned.

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