Post 41

Kroll continued to hunt for Jorrin. He had been on this quest for almost a year now, spending two months at a time in the Foijen before brief returns to Malaxia. The King’s soldiers often accompanied merchants and Kroll was unimpressed with how easily they succumbed to the semi-trained raiders. The King’s army was large in numbers, but it could be no match for the Malaxian hordes. Kroll was a senior leader in the best Malaxian regiment, but he wished the rulers of Malaxia would stop dithering and declare war when it was so obvious they would win.

Kroll had come close to killing Jorrin several times, but the maverick always managed to get away. The closest he came was when his men scouted on hills either side of the pathway to allow brigands to attack without direct Malaxian support. Only a few of the King’s soldiers were with the merchants. Then a man appeared from nowhere. He must have been in a ditch or a hideaway. And he cut through the bandits like they were not there. Kroll’s men stormed into the fight from both directions but, when they hit the pathway, the swordsman had gone.

Kroll was on his fifth campaign in the Foijen over the last year and he was annoyed the swordsman continued to evade him. He felt this time would be different. Kroll arranged to meet a local bandit leader in order to trace the swordsman’s movements over preceding months. If a pattern could be found, Kroll would organise troops in a pincer movement to secure the demise of this slippery character. He remained measured because, although his target was a skilled fighter, he could not have the military tactics of a successful Malaxian warrior like himself.

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