As time went on, many attacks were thwarted by Jorrin and the cut-throats were angry their easy money had almost dried up. Some attacks were successful, but only when that man never showed up to halt the proceedings. The sporadic bands of lawless freebooters got together and decided the hooded figure must have something to do with the Snook, which was on the frontier of the King’s land. A sworn enemy of the Kingdom was the fortress town of Malaxia, which clung to high ground surrounded by swamps in lands afar. Behind its stone walls was an army training for war. Malaxia’s Empire of conquered territories spread all the way to a vast forest. On the other side lay the borders of the Realm.

A contingent of outlaws travelled to Malaxia and explained the forest just beyond Malaxian domination was their hunting ground. But an elusive figure had all but put a stop to their plundering. It was assumed this man must be fighting for the Kingdom so the outlaws swore allegiance to Malaxia in return for assistance. If a cohort of Malaxian warriors eliminated this man, it would surely break the morale of those living at the edge of the Kingdom. And it could be the catalyst needed for a full-blown Malaxian invasion.

It was agreed Malaxia would dedicate some of its best troops to rid the forest of this hooded swordsman. But the alliance would require a hefty cut of the stolen loot. And so, the Foijen was soon teaming with bandits and Malaxian warriors. Jorrin watched the change in tactics of the brigands from deep cover. The raids became more successful and he managed to intervene only when the Malaxians spared a solitary soldier for a raiding party. The arrival of Malaxians at the edge of the Kingdom meant the King agreed to deploy soldiers to protect the merchants and travellers. Skirmishes broke out between patrols of the King’s army and Malaxian soldiers. Tensions increased between the two territories.

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