Family In The Holt

Gira busied herself organising the home, while Jorrin sometimes spent days away. Their three sons were all very different. The eldest, Merek, was fifteen years old and spent time inventing gadgets to help their life of sustainability. The middle son, Ned, was aged thirteen but looked younger. He adventured in the forest daily and knew every corner of Ragged Wood. The youngest son was Fauder and only a toddler, but he was showing early signs of being creative.

Merek was Jorrin’s favourite, while Gira doted on Fauder. But they regarded Ned as a wastrel because all he did was spend time in the forest, which was no good to anyone.  They often wondered what was wrong with Ned. The boy needed to get some skills, not just play in the surrounding woodland. From Ned’s perspective, he could do no right. If he helped his mother with chores, it was never good enough. And, an offer to help his father was met with a sneer. Ned was unhappy at home, so he spent even more time in the Foijen. He felt alone and withdrew into himself.

When Jorrin disappeared, he never explained to the boys where he went or what he was doing. Those trips were shrouded in mystery. But, when he came home, Ned retreated to a corner of the cabin. Jorrin talked to Gira, ruffled Fauder’s hair and sat down with Merek to see his latest contraption. But he glared at Ned after hearing, yet again, all the boy did was spend time in the forest doing nothing in particular. It was true, Ned was a bit wayward. All he liked to do was have expeditions in the forest, but he would be good at something. It was just he did not know what it was yet.

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