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After getting through cancer, l began to write a series of books for young adults. The first three books are complete. These stories are a mixture of imagination and reality. Many of the places in the books exist and I have either lived or spent a lot of time there. These books continue the theme of resilience and determination.

Book one centres on a village in the past where hostility between two societies causes hard times to crash down on one person. Book two brings the village and descendants of the original characters into modern times of urban conflict. Plunging into a darkened future, book three sees long-standing enemies heading into a localised war. This is a fictional world based on a version of reality. Any similarity with real people is purely coincidental.

The first book is called Fearless. The blurb is: “In the long distant past, war is looming. Ned is a boy who lives with his family in a remote forest, but those troubled times cannot be avoided. He is captured by troops and forced on a death march. Deep inside enemy territory, he makes a break for it. Living on his wits in the wilderness, can he escape from the heavily armed warriors hunting him down?”

I intend to blog this first book (with quite a lot left out) to a limited audience as a way of getting my story out there and maybe receive some feedback. The full book will be published at some point.

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