Pillars Of Law


Seeing as lawyers in the department regularly went to the pub, I decided to apply for a part-time Master of Laws degree. I had considered doing this after Bar School, but then I landed a pupillage unexpectedly, which put all thoughts of a Masters degree on hold. I received an acceptance by telephone only a week after applying for the Master of Laws degree at University College London. The usual route was to do four examined subjects over a two-year period, but I wanted to do two research papers and two examined subjects, which was approved. I worked in the library before beginning the degree and completed the first year research paper early. My workplace paid the fees. I attended lectures sporadically for the examined subject of insolvency law and drip-fed my research paper to a tutor. But I was caught out while taking a taxi back to UnderDogs from a law firm with my boss.

“You’ll know this area of London well.”

“Nope, never been here before.”

“No, really, you know it here,” he insisted.

I looked out of the windows, “I’ve not been here in my life.”

He seemed unimpressed. “Look to your right,” he said as the pillars and dome of University College London flashed past the windows of the cab.

“Oh yeah, I didn’t recognise it back there,” I replied, lamely.

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