Pick Myself Up

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There was something surreal about my situation. I had spent a long time bedridden and turned my thoughts to other times. After my stint training to become a barrister, I applied for an in-house legal role at Underdog Bank in London, which was generally looked down upon by the big City banks. I got an interview, but had no relevant experience so I read a book on finance law and the first interview went well. I was up against it financially as I had a large student debt and no income. Michelle and I had bought a small end of terrace house in Watford and money was tight. We were close to defaulting on the mortgage. I landed a second interview and prepared by memorising large parts of the published information about the bank.

“Tell me something about UnderDogs,” the director began.

“What do you want to know?”

“Any information will do.”

I gave him the mission statement and some profitability and liquidity figures. I had done my homework. After a discussion on economics, the interview relaxed into a general chat. I was offered the job two days later and a sense of relief washed over me. I began the job and was sent on a course about finance and economics. The job itself was slow at first, but I got into it. The money was more than I had ever earned before. When I had my first pay day, I was able to treat Michelle.

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