Lying Twatte


Jeremy called out and strode across the square toward me.

“Giles has been talking about you around chambers and I want to know if there’s any truth in it. According to him, he had a conversation with you at the chambers’ party about his skiing trip and you apparently said ‘I hope you break your leg.’ That’s not right is it? Didn’t you say ‘Break a leg’ and just wish him luck?”

So, Giles Twatte was resorting to desperate measures to undermine me. I was not going to pull any punches here.

“There’s a lot wrong with Giles’ story. I didn’t speak to him at the chambers’ party because I don’t speak to him. Even if we did speak, which we didn’t, I would never say ‘I hope you break your leg.’ If I wanted his leg broken, I would do it myself.”

Jeremy looked at me and then laughed in his frenzied way. “I knew he was lying. Leave this with me,” he said in a low voice and purposefully walked toward chambers tea.

2 Comments on “Lying Twatte

  1. A nice beginning/ I’m wondering where it’s going. Good writing.

    • Thanks! Giles Twatte is about to be confronted by his nemesis.

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