Getting Into It

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It was the first day of Fresher’s week. I went along, but all the student societies looked a bit shite to be honest, so I didn’t sign up for anything. What I did join was the queue for free cash. It was student grant time and I needed money for the term. I stood, waiting in line and met a bloke calIed Danny, who was a great laugh. At that point, I knew only the students at Heyford Hill – of whom I had met a lot more, seeing as there were seven houses full of students – so I arranged to meet Danny at the Friday night Student Union party called the Bop. It was a crowded, very pissed evening and I had a great time with Danny and the others from Heyford Hill. It all got a bit rowdy on the dance floor when The Pogues came on. People were jumping up and down, pushing left and right, when I was shoved into some bloke. He turned and cocked a right fist to punch me. Danny launched a Pogues-like dance forwards and pushed him aside. It saved me from taking a punch. We laughed and jumped up and down uncoordinatedly to the music.

Very soon, I got into my first term’s lectures and seminars. I really enjoyed it and even prepared for seminars. The pre-reading for lectures never happened, but you couldn’t have everything. The best part of the week in my first term was Friday lunchtime. Danny and I met up and walked into Oxford centre together. We went to the White Horse every time – my favourite pub in the whole world, by the way. A chip buttie each and several pints of Guinness were a good precursor to the Friday night out. Then we went back to our respective halls and met up at the Bop later. In the interim, I usually downed a cheap bottle of Minervous wine with Dave back at Heyford Hill. The Bops were always very drunken nights out, filled with laughter.

I wanted to get back into football and one of the lads at Heyford Hill played in a team called The MOB (Morrell Old Boys), which referred to the hall of residence where most of the team had met. I went along to a training session and they liked me. I joined the team, trained twice a week and played matches on Wednesday afternoons. It was great playing for The MOB. We even finished high up in the league and college cup. The MOB was brilliant socially as I got to know so many people, not only the players and their friends, but we even had a few supporters. So I bumped into people I knew whenever I went on nights out. I played for that team for most of my time at college and was awarded certificates for best defender and worst tackle of the season for two seasons running.

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